10 Items to pack for a Conference in Vegas

Perfect packing for a conferenceEvery year I am lucky enough to attend the Virtuoso Week conference in Las Vegas. All the luxury suppliers of travel descend on the city and fill your schedule with meetings, breakfasts, lunches, schmoozing and parties. Surviving a Conference can be tough if you have to look business ready during the day and glam for the parties at night, These essentials will help ensure a smooth and enjoyable conference in Vegas or wherever your business takes you!

The Best Suitcase

Perfect Carry on Bag Luggage from Awayhave seen so many friends over the years cheap out on luggage. This is tip number #1 – Buy quality luggage. Yes, it’s expensive, but it can last you 10 years or more if you choose wisely. Plus nothing is worse than arriving in a foreign land with handles busted off and wheels that don’t work.

My first pick is Samsonite. I have had really good luck with this brand over the years. They even replace broken wheels and repair handles.

My second pick is the Away luggage as my carry on. It looks cute and is very sturdy. I got it a few years ago and after 10 trips it still looks brand new.

Tumi is also a good brand. So it all depends on styles. Because I am partially blind I like

Good Walking Shoes

Best Travel shoes for walkingThe most important thing you can bring to any work trip or conference are good walking shoes. If you are a female and attending a dress up event like the Virtuoso Week event I attend every August, shoe selection feels daunting. Trying to look glam and save you aching feet is a number one priority.

I have several brands like Clarks, Naturalizer and Ted Baker tennis shoes (which can double as day time event wear and my gym shoes). But my favorite brand are Mephisto. They are pricey, but worth every cent. You can go from poolside, to day meeting to night time cocktail party.

Check my Amazon store for my top travel shoe picks.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

BEATS STUDIO3 WL - MATTE BLACKI used to think people looked ridiculous hauling these huge headphones onto to airplanes. Boy was I wrong! Not only do these noise cancelling headphones help you sleep on the plane, I use them at night to sleep in the hotel. To stay healthy you must have a deep sleep. Listening to binaural beats can help you fall asleep and then drown out any noisy neighbors or street sounds. I am wearing the BEATS STUDIO3 WL – MATTE BLACK. These are the best on the market. Also worth every penny.


Vitamin C Supplement Travel packetsWhether you want to stay on the Keto diet or you just want to avoid getting sick, it’s essentials to bring supplements. I bring single packet collagen and mct oil to add to my coffee in the morning as well as an entire week’s worth of vitamins. I love the Lewis N. Clark AM/PM Folding Pill Organizer and supplement case. I can fill it with everything from fish oils to vitamin C and add in Ashwanga too. It’s also tough to avoid overly salty food possibly full of MSG, packing some probiotics and liver cleanse helps too. I never leave home without it.


Travel Scarf on PlaneWant to turn 5 outfits into ten? Pick a color palette, then bring a selection of matching scarves.

You can wear the same white shirt and black jacket with two different scarves and nobody will remember anything but the scarf.

Big tip on scarves – use silk. They keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. Inside the freezing conference room keep a silk scarf around your neck to save your voice and help you from catching someone else’s cold.

At night a scarf becomes a shawl and viola another outfit.

Check out my Amazon shop for more ideas on my picks for travel scarves.

Metal Refillable Water Bottle

Travel Water Bottle Metal refillableWhy pay $10 for a bottle of water when you can use a Metal Refillable Water bottle! I carry it through security empty then fill it up at a water fountain. Most of the airports have these filtered refill stations. My gym does too.

They hardly ever give you enough water on the planes where you need it the most! Studies show a huge decrease in jet lag if you drink lots of water on the plane.

Also you see less water bottles on ships and at last years conference filtered water stations were everywhere. Cheaper, less plastic waste. A win – win situation!

Medicine Kit

Hangover travel packetsI think it It goes without saying, a first aid & medicine kit are a necessity for any & all travel.  I always take the necessities like aspirin, pepto bismol, tylenol, dramamine, claritin, bandaids, antibiotic ointment and tiger balm.

These hangover pills might come in handy after all those cocktail parties, but even if you do not drink, the natural herbs like milk thistle will help keep your liver functioning after all that oily, sugary food you sometimes can’t avoid.

Kinesio Tape

Kinesio Tape Travel PackIf I could havre a dollar the number of times I taped up a hurting colleague or passenger on my travels, I would be rich! If you don’t know anything about kinesio tape, there are plenty of youtube videos to educate you on the many healing benefits of this tape.

I added this packet I bring with me that can help with blisters, sore feet and plantar fasciitis.

Make-up Bag to double as a purse

Makeup Bag Ted BakerSince packing light is always an issue, I usually travel with a massive hand bag. I can fit my notebook, several cameras, my water bottle and then add a cute make-up bag that can double as a night out purse.

This Ted Baker one does the Trick but there are many other options you can find on my Amazon Store.

Portable Battery Chargers

Portable Charger PinkI would think this is an automatic pack, but judging by the number of travelers who ask to ‘borrow’ my battery back up I think it should be added to the list.

I usually bring two in case one breaks or runs out too quick. Plus you always need at least one solar powered charger in case there are no outlets or you want to spend your lunch or last day at the pool.

Plus they can act as charging stations at night.

You can check out all these items on my Amazon store: www.amazon.com/shop/michelleknowstravel