Once in a Lifetime Travel Goals

Penguins in Antarctica on board the Ponant Le BorealMost of my clients are luxury or affluent clients who have pretty much done it all.  One of the reasons Expedition trips are exploding with numerous ships offering cruises from the South Pole to the North Pole like Seadream Yacht Club’s Sea Dream Innovation ship or National Geographic’s new special ice cutting ship the Endurance to Antarctica and beyond, is the demand for more and more experiential and the dream of finally completing the once in a lifetime trip of your dreams.

Antarctica is especially popular now because people want to see the ice before the ice is gone.  And 2021 has about 20 ships headed out to see the once in a lifetime event of a total solar Eclipse in Antarctica. Our trip is 92% sold out and it’s only November 2019!  See an Eclipse of the Sun and become part of the exclusive 7 continent club!

Being part of the Virtuoso UltraLuxe community, I have access to other amazing ideas for the ultimate once in a lifetime experience.  Here are some more  ideas to add to your Wander List!

See the Northern Lights

Aurora Alaska Tour 2020 3linescurtain1One of the top lifetime goals is to see the Aurora Borealis.  This seems to be more and more popular, with many of my clients adding it to their bucket list.

There are trips to Finland and Norway, but why go that far when you can experience the Aurora right here in Alaska.  We offer two trips per year to view the Aurora in Alaska with the October Aurora Tour results delivering amazing photos and wonderful reindeer and Artic Circle trek tours as well.  There are some dome rooms available as well as a Log House cottage available too.

Some of our clients do repeat trips, because it is that amazing to see.  We still have space for February 2020 and October 2020, if you want to sign up and make one of your lifetime dreams come true.

Helicopters, yachts, and fresh-caught lobster

UltraluxeTrips_New Zeakand_MilfordSound (1)The normal way to get to your hotel in Bora Bora is by water taxi. But my client wanted to go by helicopter and propose to his fiance just as they flew over Bora Bora  Island for the first time. I was able to arrange that with my contacts though Virtuoso.

So flying onto a yacht in NewZealand and eating fresh caught lobster?  No problem. Flying by helicopter to a glacier in the Alps and ice hiking?  No problem. Seeing the crown jewels in a private viewing in London? No problem. Want a private yach with your own crew, cook, butler and sail the British Virgin Islands on your own fluid itinerary? No problem.  Stay in a Scottish castle and meet the Earl who is the owner/ No problem.  I can make all of these things happen. You have a dream? I have the contacts to make it happen.

The Final Frontier – Space Flight

Although the actual commercial flights are not yet available, as a Virtuoso affiliate, I can book them now to guarantee your first seat on the historic flight.  Virgin Galactic made news this year by taking it’s first test passenger into space in February of 2019.

Elon Musk also announced his 100 passenger Space X Starship. Who’s up for the inaugural flight?  Count me in!

Book with me

If any of these amazing experiences sounds like one you want to take, please send me a request and I will be happy to plan your amazing unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

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