Who Am I?

I can say I was born lucky. My Mom & Dad met working at Pan Am in California. I started travelling when I was an infant! Jetting around the world, first class in a Pan Am 747, wearing patent leather shoes and my Sunday best, I got a unique insight into the glamour and excitement of luxury travel.

I attended USC and received a degree from the School of Cinema Television. For the next two decades, I worked in Hollywood, eventually producing major motion pictures. I ended up living in Prague 5 years. I had the pleasure of arranging luxury travel accommodations, including luxury hotels, private charters, private tour guides, helicopter rides and other travel for celebrities, rock stars and major movie stars like Sean Connery. I learned a great deal about the lifestyles of the rich and famous while living abroad and working in Hollywood.

During this time, I never lost my love of travel and made sure I scheduled at least ONE trip per year. I traveled all over Europe, the Caribbean, Bali, South Pacific, Tahiti, Thailand and Australia.

After my father passed in 2003, I retired from Hollywood and went back to Houston to help my mother run her Travel Agency.

Over the years I developed a passion for all things luxury, especially luxury travel. I guess those days in Pan Am first class spoiled me for life!

For over ten years, I have booked travel for luxury and not so luxury vacations, set up clients for corporate travel and trained hundreds of Travel Agents on the art of selling and customer service in the exciting world of the Travel Industry. I have been called a ‘Travel Expert’ and appeared on TV and in hundreds of articles including Forbes, CNN, MSN, WSJ and many others.

For the past two years I have attended the ILTM (International Luxury Travel Market) in Cannes, France and travelled all over the world to places like Australia, Hawaii, Fiji, Tahiti, China, South Africa, Turkey, Mexico, Caribbean and so much more.

It is my pleasure to share those dream vacations, tips, tricks and advice I have gathered over the years!