Looking for Great Summer Travel Dresses?

Looking for the perfect summer travel dress? Here are some great tips to stay cool and still look hot on your next summer vacation!

Stay Light & Cool

White House Black Market Summer DressLet’s face it, every summer trip you step off the plane and the weather is hotter than you expected! Thailand, Bali and even the French Riviera are absolutely scorching in June and July.

Although I love sweating at the gym, nothing is worse than sweating on that walk through the Vatican, sipping on Margaritas at a beach bar or on a bus excursion with tourists in Thailand.

The first tip when picking summer dresses is lightweight, breathable fabric that keeps you cool. Poleyester blends, chiffon and linens by Tommy Bahamas really work well.

A couple of my other favorites are Chico’s travelers brand, Chico’s Zynergy line, Lauren’s strechy dresses, Nordstrom’s Supetfoxx dresses and soft surroundings dresses which are comfy and cool.

All of the brands I mentioned all have outlets too, so I usually find discounts too!

Wrinkle Free, Roll Up

Waiting for my ferry at the Port of Nadi in Fiji

Waiting for my ferry at the Port of Nadi in Fiji

The second most important tip for the perfect summer dress is a wrinkle free and roll up. With weight restrictions on planes and crowded spots on subways, street corners and trains the hottest trend is travelling light.

The hottest trend in packing is not checking luggage and using travel gadgets like packing cubes to pack everything into one carry on bag.  This saves checked bag fees and long luggage claim lines.

Dresses can take up a lot of room so the key to maximizing luggage space is wrinkle free and roll up. I can fit 5 – 7 dresses in one packing cube and those are all rollup wrinkle free brands.

Luckily, the brand I mentioned above all roll up easy and unroll wrinkle free.

Here I am in Fiji with a Tommy Bahama dress, waiting on the Ferry to the outer islands.  This basic beige dress is good for a base and can turn into two or more outfits, just by adding a jacket or shirt.

Solid colors, Mix & Match tops

Whte Linen Dress Tommy Bahamas

White Linen Dress on a hot day in the Nice.

The third tip I use when packing summer dresses is pick a color pallette so you can mix and match. The pattern I use is:

1 – Two pattern dresses with colorful flowers. These two dresses can be turned into a nighttime dress by adding a white lace top or black jacket

2 – One white dress. The five tops I also pack, can change a white dress into a new outfit every night.

3 – One Red or Pink dress. White top, Black Lace top or white jacket transforms you from day to night look in minutes

4 – One Maxi dress. I usually have a pattern maxi dress that mixes with other base pieces like pink top or white lace jacket to make an easy move front beach side to night dancing

5 – Black dress. I know a black dress seems like a bad option since it does not reflect the sun. But a mini strap black dress is so versatile, it can be mixed with almost any shirt, top or jacket to go from day to night and always look classy. There are many options in light weight, cool and stretchy lack dresses, like White House Black Market’s maxi dress I wore in Fiji.

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