Best Packing Cubes for Travel

If you have googled anything related to travel packing tips lately, the top stories you find are how to pack everything in a single carry on suitcase. One of the easiest ways to do this is using packing cubes.

So what are packing cubes and do you really need them?

How to Pick the Best Travel Packing Cubes

My first go around picking travel packing cubes was irritating and confusing. The videos on youtube did not seem to address all my concerns.  First I wanted colorful cubes because my limited vision works better with contrast colors. Second I wanted them for multiple uses, so I could utilize them when I wasn’t travelling. Third, they needed to be good quality to last and not fall apart after the first washing.  Below I added a list of my top picks you can buy on Amazon.

What Are Packing Cubes?

Travel packing cubes are for the most part nylon or mesh bags that come in various sizes so you can divide clothes and organize them within your suitcases. These nifty little bags have multiple uses, so they are my number one travel packing hack.

One amazing use of travel packing cubes is they compress your clothes, basically pressing the air out so you can fit more into a small suitcase.

In addition you can use those travel packing cubes to separate your clean and dirty clothes, make the unpack on the end a lot easier.

I use them to organize too. Underwear in one bag, scarves in another, pants in one bag, shirts in another, you get the idea.

My Favorite Packing Cubes?

My Top Pick is the Pro Packing Cube set, which is the most expensive but for me totally worth it.

I travel all the time and was glad I got the ones that had a variety of sizes and were sturdy and well made too.

The Pro Packing cubes have made it through 3 big trips with me this year.

  • 2 Week Beach Trip to the South of France
  • 1 Week Conference to Vegas
  • 2 Week Europe Christmas Market River Cruise
  • 18 days in Tahiti

All of them were sturdy and have made it through the washing machine multiple times with little sign of wear and tear.

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